Who we are


We are Carmelites, members of a religious order within the Roman Catholic Church. There are two religious orders whose members call themselves Carmelites: the Carmelites of the Ancient Observance (OCarm) and Discalced (Teresian) Carmelites, and we belong to the second group of friars and nuns (OCD) who derive from the 16th century reforms of the Spanish mystics, Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross. There is also an association of Discalced Carmelites composed mainly of lay people and secular clergy (OCDS) who are commonly known as secular Carmelites. The Priory in Oxford is home of the Discalced Carmelite friars who, together with secular Carmelites, create a team known as Boars Hill Retreat Group working and ministering together in our retreat centre.            

The Community of Carmelite Friars at Boars Hill



                                 Fr. Matt Blake, OCD (Prior)                     Fr. James McCaffrey, OCD         Fr. John Hughes, OCD 

 Fr. Thaddeus Ekuma, OCD

Boars Hill Retreat Group - Friars & Members of the Secular Order

Our ministry and activities are about reaching out to peoples who are searching for God and the meaning of life, for accompaniments, and the necessity of organising events in accessible venues.      

Fr. Matt Blake, OCD

Mr. Cyprian Blamires, OCDS

Mrs. Anne Donald, OCDS

Mrs. Anna Faure, OCDS

Mrs. Annette Goulden, OCDS

Miss. Annie Judge, OCDS

Mrs. Sue Mather, OCDS

Mrs. Sue Pacey, OCDS

Mrs. Barbara Thacker, OCDS