Individually Guided Retreats

Individually Guided Retreats run from Monday to Sunday. During these retreats individual participant will meet with his/her director each day. Participants are welcome to join the Carmelite Community for Eucharist and Prayer.

We try to keep an atmosphere of silence in the house during these retreats.



July 2 – 8                                                         Anne Donald OCDS & Sue Pacey OCDS


August 6 – 12                                                   Annette Goulden OCDS & Fr. Paul King


September 3 – 9                                            Barbara Thacker OCDS & Janet Saywood


To make a reservation, please go to Booking.

Suggested offerings:

£330 (single occupancy) £270 (sharing).

A non-refundable deposit of £40 is payable on making a reservation.

We would like our retreats to be open to all especially those with limited income. We have kept the ‘suggested offering’ as low as possible over the years. However, it costs more to run the Carmelite Retreat Centre. At present, it is heavily subsidized by the Anglo-Irish Province of the Discalced Carmelite Order. For those who are able to pay more, we would appreciate your more generous offering. For anyone who may still struggle to make the full suggested offering, please, we may be able to help. Please contact the Retreat Centre Director at retreat@carmelite.org.uk.

Who the directors are?

Anne Donald has been a Secular Carmelite (OCDS) for over 15 years. Professionally, she works as a leadership and team coach in the corporate world. She has been involved with individually guided retreats at Boars Hill for many years. She is married with 3 grownup children and lives in Oxford.

Annette Goulden has been a Secular Carmelite (OCDS) for over 10 years. Having retired as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, she completed a SPiDIR course in spiritual direction in 2013, and now sees people of all Christian denominations, and participates regularly in a supervision group for spiritual direction. She is married with two sons.

Fr. Paul King has been giving individually guided retreats for over 30 years.  Now retired, he has been both parish priest and university chaplain.  He was for ten years a tutor on the Ignatian Spirituality Course in London.   He is married, a former Anglican, and was ordained priest for the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth in 1995.

Sue Pacey has been a Secular Carmelite (OCDS) for 15 years and has been involved in Bereavement Counselling, General Counselling and Spiritual Direction for the past 30 years within her parish, at Carmel, and in private work. She is married with two grownup sons and five grandchildren.

Janet Saywood has been involved in giving individually guided retreats in parishes during the past 25 years and also at Boars Hill until moving to the Scottish Borders. She is married with two adult children.

Barbara Thacker has been a Secular Carmelite (OCDS) for 10 years. Over the past 18 years she has been involved with individually guided retreats in parishes and more recently at Boars Hill. She is married with three grownup children.

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