Spiritual Enrichment Lectures

Spiritual Enrichment Lecture Series (SELS)

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The Spiritual Enrichment Lecture Series continues to be run online during this period of social distancing. They will explore contemplative prayer and spiritual growth in the Carmelite tradition. These talks will be particularly suited to those who wish to know more about contemplative prayer or to deepen their experience of it, and to relate it to their daily living.


Spiritual Enrichment Lecture Series (SELS)

6th June, 2020   (Online)

“The Cave of the Heart’: Christian Spirituality in a Time of Covid” (Live stream) by Prof. Peter Tyler


 “Redemption in St John of the Cross: Guidance in Time of Crisis” (Zoom) by Dr Mary Stevens

What can we learn from this doctrine for Christian contemplation ‘in a time of Covid’? And what resources can contemplative spirituality (Carmelite Tradition) offer spiritual directors as a support in the ministry of accompanying people who at this time are experiencing a range of emotions?  

On this Enriching Ministry Day specially dedicated to the ministry of spiritual direction Professor Peter Tyler will be exploring the nature of Christian contemplation and how it can inform our outlook and action in the light of the present pandemic. Dr Mary Stevens's presentation will draw on the insights for the Romances of Saint John of the Cross, a Carmelite saint, on how to journey through darkness, fear and incomprehension in baptismal hope to the embrace of the Trinity together with all humanity.
10:30 am  The Cave of the Heart’: Christian Spirituality in a Time of Covid” by Prof. Peter Tyler (Live stream)

1:00 pm    Redemption in St John of the Cross: Guidance in Time of Crisis – Dr Mary Stevens

1:30 pm    Breakout session

2:30 pm    Silent prayer

2:50 pm    Plenary

3:00 pm    Finish

For further information and registration, please call: 07849 96572 or email: inquiries@oxcacs.org
Or, go to https://www.oxcacs.org

Venue: Transmitted online

Fee: The cost of the lecture is £20.





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